Aadat Jal Band Trending Song All Guitar Lover These Chords For Intermediate Level Guitarist. Jal Band Song Aadat. With Original Video Lyrics And Chords. Also It Can Play On Piano as well

Song   –  Aadat
Key     –  C#m
Strumming – D/UU/D/UU/DU

*NOTE – ” D = DOWN / U = UP”

Aadat Jal Band Chords –

na janay kab say ..
umeedein kuch baqi hain..
mujhe phir bhi teri
yaad..kyun aati hai ..
na janay kab say..

duur jitna bhi
                   B                  A           B
tum mujh say pass teray mein
ab to aadat si
                   B                  A          B
hai mujh ko aisay jeenay mein
C#m                B
zindagi say koi
              A               B
shiqwa hi nahi hai
ab to zinda hoon
      B                   A                   B
mein is neelay aasman mein

C#m                  B
Chaahat aisi hai
           A                  B
yeh teri Barhti jaye
C#m              B
Aahat aise hai
         A                      B
yeh teri mujhko sataye
C#m                  B
Yaadain gehri hain
          A                       B
yeh kitni Dil doob jaye

C#m                     B
Aur aankhon main
           A                         B
yeh ghum num ban jaye
Ab tau addat si hai
     B                A                 B
mujhko aise jeene main

sabhi yadein hain ……
  A                    B
sabhi batein hain
bhula do unhein …..
    A                     B
mita do uhein …..

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